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Becker MN 55308
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The majestic beauty of natural, handcrafted logs. Imagine the impact log accents can make in your home or business. Best of all, know that, dollar for dollar, logs may be your best investment.

We make things using logs. Lots of things. Different things. Very different things. Tour our general products page to wake up your imagination. And then imagine low prices that might amaze you.

Results from a national survey have shown that 80% of comparable log products on the market cost more than ours, and that cost can be as much as 200% more!!

But forget costs right now. What about creative unique variety? What about the portrayal of the natural beauty found in a log product? What about features only found in our products, like scribed joints, weep-holes in exterior products, and wonderfully unique character logs? What about full service, such as custom creations, maintenance programs, consultation, and a full design service.


We are proud to be distributors of the latest in mold removal solutions. RMR-86 offers unbelievable results in a variety of mold removal applications. RMR-Botanical offers longer term mold prevention solutions.

Click the product name for more information. Contact 763-263-3050 to order!

RMR 8632 Oz spray$17
RMR 861 Gallon$36
RMR 862.5 Gallon Pro$88
RMR Botanical32 Oz spray$16
RMR Botanical1 Gallon$33
RMR Botanical2.5 Gallon Pro$70

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