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Log Trim | Door & Window Trim

Often clients just want to "set the theme" in a room, or introduce the rustic look in a subtle way. We maintain there is no better "bang-for-the-buck" than log or plank trim.

An important part of our Natural-Edge® product line is trim. As a base trim, clients usually chose the lower character grade, but for doors, windows, and crown, our high-character grade is unmatched in beauty and uniqueness. All who see rooms trimmed with this material remember it forever. It is simply unforgettable!

We suggest the best application is against flat, light-colored walls which contrast and show off the natural edges. Wood walls do well also, but often the wood trim gets lost in the wood wall, so we suggest half-log trim which adds the third dimension of depth. Our half-log trims are cut straight on one edge and provided in matching "pairs" for doors. In any case, we can make trim of any thickness, width, and length. Custom orders are usually priced the same as our standard product.

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