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Pricing Estimates

If you have explored log-related websites to any extent, you will find few, if any, mention prices. Although a number of factors are the cause of this, ours is simple. We offer 6 species, at 20 different diameters, with 3 unique surface treatments, and a possible 6 additional mill cuts. That equals a possible 2160 combinations. Then these logs are used to make over 50 products, a total of 138,000 pricing combinations. In addition, factors exist that constantly influence the final cost - such as available inventory, desired moisture levels, and uniqueness of colors or character.

Regardless, we are committed to demonstrating the affordability of our products when compared to others. We offer sample costs shown below of the most common products ordered. Click here to view and download our current full pricing guide.

We have a full showroom and model home just a short drive from Minneapolis, MN (1 hour or less). We will work with your schedule to set up a private consultation to help you focus in on the log style that best suits you.

$1 per diameter inch per foot of log
Example: a 10" log would cost $10 a foot.
This is about the average cost of our dried mountain Lodgepole Pine, either hand-sanded or blasted with abrasive medium to clean but maintain all natural surface characteristics.

Average cost of a character 5' half-log MANTLE, with scribed log supports, lacquer finish, and mounting kit all included.

Cost of each foot of half-log Pine window or door TRIM, dried and sanded.

Cost of each square foot of our high-character Natural-Edge WALL PLANK.

Cost of each square foot of our heavy LOG SIDING. This siding is available in sizes up to 16" wide and 42 feet long, all for this same low price.

Average cost of our full-scribed handcrafted STAIRCASE systems.

Running foot cost of our standard natural Pine LOG RAILING. Cedar is only slightly higher

Please call for exact quotes.
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