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Log accents

Add logs anywhere! Beams, columns, rafters, trusses, counters, shelves, trims, corners. We call this "hybrid construction": using logs and conventional materials together to create interesting and unique combinations. Your imagination is the only limit! Placing a beautiful character log in a conventional setting results in unbelievable contrasts and unforgettable decor.

Logs flattened on one side to lay flat against the ceiling are "hung" on existing trusses, or we can make complete log trusses. Supports can also be made using column logs (or half-logs). Three-quarter logs can be used for corner columns. We have made our own special jacks for lifting and holding logs in place until final mounting, and our mill can make any cut on any length log up to 40 Feet!

The effect can be carried further using many of our other log products such as siding, walls, and trims, especially our line of Natural-Edge® products. These natural character edges contrast and are beautifully displayed against flat light sheetrock surfaces.

Fireplaces and log decor go great together, and our log mantles really show off the natural features people love. Cedar flare logs are often used for support, and the mantle wood itself is chosen for it's color, worm holes, or knotty character.

Log trim may make the most impact to your project, and often is no more expensive than boring conventional trim! 4" half logs are sanded smooth, flattened on one edge, and mounted with a butt-and-pass pattern around all openings. A contrasting stain to other wood will accent this beautiful product even more.

Using this same trim idea, logs can be used to frame mirrors, pictures, entertainment centers, and even conventional furniture. We grow our own "character forest" of curved and bent log pieces that give endless variety and interest to any creation.

Many of these products are easily shipped anywhere in the country.

Check out our log furniture page which shows bartops and countertops that continue the exciting log theme!

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