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Log Stairs and Natural Log Plank Treads
For many years we have fabricated beautiful heavy staircases from character natural logs. Unfortunately, recent codes have made it impossible to produce this type of product. Every component must be machined straight and very uniform. This erases the very features that we strive to provide, so we are leaving this product to those that use the machine materials.

However, we can still provide thick plank natural-edge treads and riser (toe) boards from our colorful Pine log material. These normally make a closed staircase on conventional stringers, but are a great link between the very rustic log theme and the more formal clear-grain hardwood stair case products. The thick planks will require a different cut for the stringers, but this is easy if planned ahead.

Finish options include floor-grade urethane, epoxy coatings, and less-slippery sand additives. Please check our railing page for ideas to make your stair system safe with the natural log theme.

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