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Likened to a special ordered piece of furniture, we require a deposit of approximately one-third the finished value. This industry standard allows us to purchase raw material, schedule your project, and invest time and material with the assurance it is destined for a particular project. We accept cash, check, or credit card as payment, but please understand no work can be started or scheduled without this deposit.

Because of the wide range of sizes and weights, we encourage you to arrange your own shipping. However, we will chose the most economical method available when necessary, and if timing works out, will attempt to deliver products ourselves to ensure trouble-free delivery. If installation is part of your product, shipping is always included.

We guarantee our products as described and on your proposal. We further guarantee your complete satisfaction in our craftsmanship and choice of raw material, and if we have any doubt of exactly what you want, we may require you to come and chose the exact material for your product from our large inventory. We will provide proof of moisture content when requested.

Not included in our warranty is the natural reaction of log material when placed in home environments. This may include twisting, checking (cracking lengthwise), or "humping" (raising of log centers when cut in half). Most of these potential features are reactions to the massive wood materials slowing drying out over time, eventually down to around 8% moisture. The more moisture in the product upon installation determines the degree of these reactions to your home environment. For this reason, we attempt to air dry our materials for as long as 4 years, and often will kiln-dry certain materials such as stair treads and furniture components if time allows.
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